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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back on June 29, we had a letter stuck in our door when we got home from our caseworker. The bottom said "About Case Closure!".

My wife called them, they came out and wanted some "collateral contacts". This is the last we heard. The contacts were never contacted!. Is our case closed? I hope so. I just know the next time they darken our door, they will not be allowed inside! Never let them in without a warrant, because until they can find something, anything in your living situation, they can do nothing. If you have two or three dishes in the sink in the morning, because you haven't unloaded the dishwasher the night before, they will say your kitchen was full of dirty dishes. Then they have you. They don't have to provide proof. Toss out all your ideas of constitutional protections. You are not innocent until proven guilty. You have just been tried, prosecuted and are awaiting sentence by a government agency, who doesn't even respect the law themselves. They've been known to ignore court orders!

Anyway, back in February, I'd finally gotten a job, and kept it. We'd moved out of the double-wide we were in, into a small house. And we'd lost our food stamps sometime around May, seeing as with both of us working, we make too much money.

Seems to be a coincidence that being removed from a program that is administered by DFCS coincides with our case being closed. Or perhaps it was because we started recording their visits, as the person who was supposed to teach us how to keep our house "clean" was ugly to my wife one time.

I don't know.


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