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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We attended a panel review on July 19 to defend ourselves against allegations of abuse or neglect for both the sakes of our children and that of our family unit. We brought it all on the 19th. We had our children's medical records, showing the comments "well appearing, well nourished in no distress" on each visit. We had the psychological evaluation and IEP the school wrote concerning my son diagnosing him with Asperger's Syndrome and documenting his fear of bathing and his lack of toilet training. We told of my daughter's physical therapist saying that using cereal on the floor to get my daughter to start crawling was a good idea.

I know that during the panel review I stated that the decision of the panel did not concern me; that I wanted what was best for my children and that I was open to counseling if that was the conclusion of the panel since it would be a positive for our family for which I wanted the best. At that time I felt any insistence on my part that the charges be dropped would not show that I had the best interests of my family at heart.

However, since receiving the judgment, certain doubt gnaws me. Firstly, at the time of my statement, I had no concern of the outcome because I felt very strongly that DFCS has no right, divine or otherwise, to judge my capabilities as a parent. Secondly, information came to light at the panel review, which I was unaware of. I had asked time and again for my rights before the date of the panel review without response. I feel that the decision at the point of the panel review was only made because the wheels of bureaucracy must turn.

You see, the case against my family by our original caseworker, Ms. Carswell, was very colored, very biased. It was littered with judgmental words, like “insist”. Suddenly, the school had reported that my wife “insisted” that my son stay there after our meeting. Our caseworker had to “insist” that we check to see what my daughter had put into her mouth from the floor. Our floor had become “littered with food” instead of just the cereal we had put there to encourage our daughter to crawl. Our kitchen was “stacked high” with dirty dishes with “dried-on food”. None of which made the “Safety Report”, which stated only that the crib had too many toys. The same report we did not see until the day of the panel review.

And yet, Mr. Bennett, who appeared to chair the panel review, told us during that review that as part of the process, DFCS had the right to interview others concerning the case if we gave written permission. Could not the panel review have decided that not all process and procedure was followed correctly, since we were both unaware of this and the caseworker did not pursue an interview with our daughter’s physical therapist when she was told we were putting the cereal on the floor with her therapist’s blessings? Wouldn’t it have been prudent to interview my son’s speech therapist to establish whether his appearance, as reported by his school, was usual or a deviation from the norm?

During the review, I also questioned the process and procedures concerning reporting regarding “mandated reporters”, those such as schools that are required to report incidences to DFCS. This process I would have thought to be dictated by DFCS, since the reporter is "mandated" to report. Mr. Bennett replied that DFCS has no guidelines. Mandated reporters create their own process and criteria! Does this make sense that you are required to report, by DFCS, but you create your own criteria and process for that mandated reporting? So we were told we would need to take this issue up with the school system! And remember, reporters are anonymous. It is only because of irrefutable evidence that we are aware of the reporter in this instance.

And what of the investigation by Ms. Washington of DHR? I took time to print over 30 pages of documentation, the same documentation I took to our review, and mailed it to her on July 9. The week of the panel review I could not reach her, as her voice mailbox was full. I finally spoke to her on July 25. She called me back after talking to my new caseworker. She had not had time to read all of my documentation. The findings were thus: that the case had been substantiated, and that we were to undergo parental counseling for a period of three months to a year. That I should cooperate as I said I would and if I kept to the plan and did not receive any more reports, eventually DFCS would close the case. To me, this paraphrases as “Just be a good little boy, don’t cause any trouble, take your medicine, and once you are straightened out we will leave you alone.” It would seem my investigator is all too willing to concede my errors and accept the judgment of DFCS as inviolable. The wheels of bureaucracy have turned again and are past the point of reconsidering the judgment, which must be carved in granite somewhere.

What happens if I say “No”? What if I refuse the counseling and the caseworker intrusions into our lives? Mr. Bennett told me we were not threatened with removal of our children. That our case rated a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. So, what if we refuse? What would be the course of action? Would they then remove my children based upon a refusal to accept their decision?

DFCS is domineering. DFCS is menacing. Everyone we have spoken to – the investigator, our children’s therapists, Babies Can’t Wait personnel, other parents – have all said the same thing. “Accept what they say. You can’t fight them. Do everything they tell you to, and eventually they may leave you alone.” This is to do nothing except to accept their judgment upon you. You cringe and cower in front of a Dark Power, submitting to its will. If you do this, you diminish. At this point, I have diminished enough and will be pushed no further. At some point I must take my stand or fade forever! The last thing I was proud of in my life was that I was doing my best in raising my children. And if I submit to the ultimate decision of this corrupt power without fight, I surrender this very last thing.


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