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Monday, July 18, 2005

On July 5, received letter from DHR stating that someone has been assigned to investigate our case. I've mailed a copy of all our documentation to this person.

On July 8, received an email from Gov. Perdue saying he is having the DHR investigate our case. I wish to thank Gov. Perdue for his sincere, warm and heartening email.

July 13, Surprise! We have a new caseworker. Not surprising, considering others' stories of being reassigned to caseworkers who know nothing of the case. Considering what we had, she is a real improvement. I met her last Friday, and she seems friendly enough.

Tomorrow is our "Panel Review", 11 am... I have copies of all our documentation. Never did receive a written record detailing the allegations. So much for being prepared.

Wish us luck! We could use some prayers!


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